The Headford Group has officially doubled its headcount on the data department to six full-time staff members, with a view to get up to 10 within 6–12 months.

Data has always been an extremely important part of the Headford Group. Over the years its data activities have enabled the group the opportunity to expand in terms of headcount and also growth into new areas.

Overseeing the department, Data Manager Chris Tissier commented, ‘It’s been a pleasure to have helped the group expand over the last 16 years. I’ve been working in freight-related data for 22+ years so my experience, along with my passion for business, is ideally placed for this new stage of growth for the department.’

CEO Craig Headford commented, ‘With the new team in place and being trained by Chris, we will have unrivalled, clean and up-to-date data that will give our consultants the very best opportunity for finding the right companies for our candidates.’