Catch the interview with the MD Craig Headford at the Breakbulk Events & Media Europe in Germany – Largest event in the world of project cargo & breakbulk . ‘Explaining the group and how we assist freight companies with their growth strategy.’

I must firstly say how impressed I was within the BreakBulk exhibition in Bremen this year. 

It it a very well-organised and supported event, not just by the exhibitors but by the high-calibre attendees.

This was my first Break Bulk and I will certainly by supporting the events moving forward. I was massively impressed by the sheer scale of it. So moving forward, my senior management team will be attending all four Breakbulk exhibitions on an annual basis.

We are currently putting a marketing strategy together for these events and will keep you updated in our quarterly newsletters and online. – Craig Headford, CEO – Headford Group