Big-hearted Headford Group has helped Lily Walding work towards her ice skating dreams. The ten-year old has her heart set on skating success and now, thanks to Headford’s sponsorship of Lily’s skating boots, the little Welsh wizard is set for even better skating.

For the first time, the Bristol-based international recruitment agency and media publisher has sponsored Lily’s boots to ensure her continued enjoyment of the sport. She first took to the ice at barely four years of age, meaning she has been skating for seven years. Her dedication cannot be denied, as explained by her mother Emma Walding.

Her mother says: “What other child do you know who sets her alarm for 4.00am? She is often up before I am.” Emma’s dedication is revealed with the fact that she drives Lily from her home in Cwmbran to an ice rink in Cardiff five times a week in a journey that takes about half an hour each way. She has  been coached by Tracey Keeble at Ice Arena Wales since she stepped foot on the ice seven years ago. She has been a huge motivator for Lily and provided her with amazing opportunities and built a fantastic relationship over time.

Lily’s main interests on the ice, explains Emma, are mainly related to competing. “She loves competitions, wearing her amazing bespoke figure skating dresses and having the ice to herself to perform her competition programmes and exhibitions.”

As well as the Welsh capital, Lily also trains at a rink in Sheffield, which has been the launch pad for stars such as Torvill & Dean. Her and her Ice Dance couples partner Taliesin Sherry are part of the British Ice Skating Academy which is ran from Ice Sheffield and they are coached by a coaching team consisting of Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, Dancing On Ice Mark Hanretty and Karen Barber plus many more fantastic coaches from around the UK. Skating is swiftly becoming a family affair in the Walding house. Emma says: “I used to skate and the coach I had is now Lily’s coach!” Lily’s little sister is now also beginning to show an interest in skating so it looks like the beginning of an icy dynasty.

Emma pays tribute to her father Anthony, Lily’s grandfather. Emma says: “We do have a huge help and support from her grandad who takes her training a lot for me whilst I’m holding down a job. If it wasn’t for him, she would not be training as much now I’m back in work!”

Lily’s interests outside of skating are book-reading and going out exploring new places with her mother.