ASA (Animal Shelter Agonda) are a Registered Charitable Trust, based in Vagona, Cola Canacona South Goa. Our shelter houses dogs & cats and some wildlife, that we have rescued from either being abandoned, sick or injured and not able to live safely in their natural surroundings.

ASA (Animal Shelter Agonda) decided to help the local stray dogs and cats from the Agonda and Cola areas, to begin with as we only had a very small shelter based just outside Agonda.  The new ASA was developed 2 years ago and is now a purpose-built animal shelter located in Vagona, Cola on a beautiful cashew plantation, where the dogs have much more freedom in their natural habitat away from residential areas, and the traffic on the busy roads.

ASA (Animal Shelter Agonda) are open daily from 10am-1pm & 4-6pm, except Saturday which we reserve for operations and we have a Vet on site.

ASA (Animal Shelter Agonda) are so grateful to everyone who has donated to our GFM and/or sent food via Amazon so far, we could not have survived the last Monsoon (2020) and this season without you.

Unfortunately, we are yet again facing Monsoon, and it looks like being a tough time for us – only some of the beach shacks/resorts opened this season, so we have been carrying out a feeding programmes for the street and beach dogs continuously.  Puppies and Kittens are still regularly being dumped at the shelter – they all need feeding, (often throughout the night, they are so young) and in a lot of cases medical help.  We are still trying to carry out a neutering programme to prevent more unwanted pups/kits.  We are still carrying out essential operations and administering necessary medications.  Our local Vet assistants still need to be paid.

ASA (Animal Shelter Agonda) ONLY survive on donations from tourists both Domestic and International – without these donations we will not be able to keep our beloved ASA going.  ASA (Animal Shelter Agonda) receive NO Government help whatsoever.

Our stocks are getting low (not everything we need is available through Amazon), we hoped that international tourism would have started by now, but that seems further and further away, and we miss the support from the many volunteers who have helped us over the years.

Please, please HELP US!

Here’s a link to our Go Fund Me – this gives us the much-needed money to buy food, products, and medicines; maintain and keep our shelter going.

Please share our Go Fund Me project and donate if you can ♥



For further information on how to make a regular monthly payment to us, sponsor one of our shelter cats or dogs, or for anything else please feel free to message our page or email