We are delighted to welcome three talented undergraduates from the University of Bristol to our head office for the week, with a focus on mergers & acquisitions.  Beniamino Bucco, a third-year economics student; Wil Reeves, a second-year economics & finance student; Jack Nguyen, a third-year aerospace engineering student who is interested in the analytical nature of M&A. The trio join us over university reading week as part of the grassroots level of our Headford Academy programme.

The three bring a wealth of diverse academic knowledge to the team. The programme offers Jack, Beniamino and Wil a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the world of M&A and the inner workings of Headford Group.  They will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and gain some understanding of the complexities of the M&A process.

One of the key elements of this internship is providing a glimpse into the ‘human’ side of M&A, which goes beyond the financial and strategic aspects. The three will have the chance to observe and participate in sales activities and connect with clients, emphasising the importance of relationships and collaboration in the field.

‘We’ve had a great time here at Headford Group. The team has been very friendly and welcoming, and we have had the chance to experience the pleasant working culture here.  We have learnt a great deal about recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, and marketing. The activities we have done have been fun and useful while being challenging, which we have appreciated very much and we hope that our work will prove useful for the company.

We are definitely interested in working at the Headford Group in the future.’ Jack, Wil, and Beni.

Headford Group is committed to fostering the growth and development of young talents like Jack, Beniamino and Wil, and we believe that this internship will be a valuable experience that will help shape their future careers.

‘We’re excited to welcome Jack, Ben and Wil to the office for the week,’ said Daniella Goodwin, Chief Growth Officer at Headford Group. ‘Their presence will undoubtedly play a role in the company’s mission to provide exceptional services in the industry, as well as benefiting them in return.  We look forward to helping them grow, learn and succeed during their time with us.’

The Headford Academy programme is a testament to the group’s dedication to investing in enthusiastic emerging talent and providing them with an opportunity to explore the dynamic and challenging world of M&A. The Headford team is eager to mentor and support these three and those like them, ensuring they have a rewarding experience.

For more information about Headford Group and our Academy programme, please visit our website at workforheadford.com | headfordgroup.com or phone us on +44 (0)1454 275 957