Headford Group have recently opened operations in France, Europe, welcoming Becky Russell to the team.

Becky has six years’ experience in recruitment, including the role of Branch Manager in London, and working in the supply chain sector during her time in Bournemouth.

With the launch of Headford Group operations in France, Becky hopes to create a positive step in the European market. Future plans are to open a France-based Headford Group head office in 12-18 months, and meanwhile are set on strengthening pre-existing relationships with EU clients.

Becky was welcomed into Headford Group at the beginning of June and worked with the team in Headford’s HQ in Bristol for a month. After quickly settling into her role and as part of the Headford Group team, Becky moved to Biarritz, France, on Monday 3 June.

So far, Becky’s role has enabled her to apply her previous experience whilst learning new skills, including learning about the market of the freight forwarding sector, whilst applying her recruitment and client-base knowledge. Since moving to France, Becky has been actively working live jobs within the French market, learning to speak fluent French to enhance productivity, mapping and using Headford’s already established client base to access this most influential part of the EU. Furthermore, Becky has been working on her presence within the UK, specifically the Solent area. Sustaining local knowledge, having worked in the south coast area from a commercial perspective for 3 years, provides potential to grow and develop within the freight and logistics sector.

‘Joining Headford and becoming part of the team has been a fantastic experience’, says Becky. ‘Everyone holds so much knowledge and advice that they are willing to impart on the sector and market we work within. The team are experts in their fields, and it really shows. Working as professionals in their sector is really the case with everyone within the business. The opportunity that has been given to me is unrivalled – Craig, Headford Group’s MD, believes in his employees and is one of the most forward-thinking directors and business leaders I have met.

Working from France and attacking the market here is a challenge, but one I am not attacking alone. Passion, dedication and hard work goes a long way and I look forward to being as successful as the rest of the team.’