Headford Group is running a FIFA World Cup sweepstake and there are amazing prizes to be won…

x2 tickets for the next FORWARDER event held in Windsor, London.

Double page spread in the FORWARDER magazine.

Simply fill in the details below and you will be entered in the sweepstake.

    How it works:
    • Of all the entries, we will randomly select 39 people whose company will represent a team in the Fifa World Cup.
    • If the team you represent is knocked out of the World Cup, you’re out of the competition!
    • We will announce on LinkedIn who has been knocked out of each round.
    • The company that represents the winner of the Fifa World Cup will win the prize!

    Announcing the winners:
    • The cut-off date for entry is 14/11/2022.
    • The winner will be announced on Wednesday 16th November 2022.
    • The winner will be announced on LinkedIn by Headford Group, and the winning company will be messaged
    directly via email. Please check that the message is from this official Headford Group account.